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The Federació Catalana Entitats contra el Càncer (FECEC), registered with the number 408 in the Government of Catalonia’s Register of Associations and declared to be of Public Utility on 10-09-2008.

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La FECEC no garanteix l’accés continu als continguts del seu web, ni l’absència de virus i/o altres components perjudicials en la web, ni tampoc la seva correcta visualització o descàrrega. La navegació es fa sota la responsabilitat de l’usuari.

Nor does FECEC accept any kind of liability for the content of links to third party sites referred to on the website. The existence of such links does not imply any kind of relationship between the FECEC and owner of these websites. As a result, USERS access the respective content and usage conditions under their exclusive responsibility.

Data protection policy

To access some of the pages and content on this website it is necessary to provide various personal data, which the FECEC will process using computers.

The data provided to us will go into a file registered with the Data Protection Agency with the number 2072560529, owned by the Federació Catalana Entitats contra el Càncer, which is responsible for it. The owner of the data will, at all times, have the right to access the file and the right to correct, cancel, challenge and withdraw consent, as established in the Data Protection Act 15/1999.

To exercise these rights, notice must be given in writing addressed to the FECEC’s registered address or to the e-mail address appearing in the general information section of this NOTICE, indicating the right to be exercised.

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From the website it is sometimes possible to access other websites via links. The FECEC accepts no responsibility for the security, privacy and personal data protection policies associated with these sites, recommending users who access them to find out their content first.

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FECEC is not the owner of other websites on the Internet that can be accessed through the use of links on the Website. As a result, USERS access the respective content and usage conditions under their exclusive responsibility.